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Our tree house will be shown today and tomorrow at UK’s leading trade event in Battersea Park in London. Landscape wanted a 3x3m contemporary elevated tree house with or without tree and for public or private use. The texture of weathered wood and the movement of a tree gently swaying in the wind inspired our design. The ‚Living Tree House’ consists of a stainless steel structure, clad in timber, with wooden decks and suspended wooden stairs. To give an impression of movement, the cladding is built of wooden laths of different heights, depths and widths that are attached to the metal frame at varying intervals.

Holztexturen Morris Arboretum Philadelphia net hammock

Sunlight can filter through the openings in the cladding, heightening the airy impression of the structure and integrating it into the environment. The open top allows views into tree crowns and sky. A tree can be incorporated in the structure by means of an opening in the deck. Our tree house can be part of a modular system. Modules can be stacked on top of each other allowing for different functional areas. One deck could be used for sitting and the next for lying down e.g. in a net hammock fixed to the deck.

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