Design Process

1. Initial consultation

The initial consultation is usually held with you on site. At the meeting we will discuss your requirements, show you examples of our work and help you identify a realistic budget. We will provide you with a brief outline of our understanding of the project and a quote for the design and implementation.

2. Site survey and site analysis

Site survey and site analysis are the foundation of all design work. Ideally you will already have a survey of the site. On small level sites we will carry out measurements. For larger or more complex sites we can recommend a registered surveyor. We carry out a detailed site analysis covering the typology, topography, soil, climate and aspect of your property.

3. Initial concept

On the basis of our findings, we develop our conceptual ideas for your site. In the next meeting we will discuss our preliminary concept with you. This consists of a plan, 3D sketch perspectives and mood board photos to illustrate the intended atmosphere and garden style.

4. Masterplan

All the required elements are agreed in principle and presented in the form of an accurate masterplan to scale with supporting perspectives. Any planning issues will be dealt with at this stage; specialists such as structural engineers, arboriculturalists, lighting or irrigations consultants will be involved if required. A detailed estimate is put forward to give a fair idea of the total cost of the project.

5. Detailed proposals

If you are satisfied with the masterplan, technical drawings are produced. These comprise plans for hard layout, services, qualitative and quantitative planting plans, construction details such as water features, lighting, fences, walls, steps etc.

6. Schedule of works

This document provides a breakdown of all works. It is sent out with the detailed proposals for tendering to different contractors to produce a detailed quote. This allows you to choose the company you prefer to work with at a competitive price.

7. Construction

Depending on location and your preference, we are available either to offer project management at an agreed percentage of the garden budget, inspect work at key stages during construction or for ad hoc consultation as required charging a time-based fee.

8. Supply of plants, furniture and fittings

We have extensive contacts with specialist nurseries, landscape contractors, water feature and lighting design specialists in the UK and Europe. We offer bespoke design of water features, pergolas, screens or details such as garden furniture and plant containers.

9. Management – Maintenance

A garden may take several years to mature. As it develops we can advise on how to supplement the planting if necessary and how to maintain existing plants.