Our clients’ property is located on an elevated plain in a woodland area commanding beautiful views over the valley and the mountain range opposite. The owners want a design for the areas around the chalet and outbuildings. The house is to be screened against the access road and the public path running across the property. Native plants are to be used and a kitchen garden established. Owing to building restrictions, the clients’ commission is soft landscaping only.

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After a first visit in August, Daniel and I came back to a winter wonderland last weekend to present our concept plan and to review our notions about the property in a winter context. We stepped into a winter wonderland and were truly smitten! The principal challenge is to integrate the buildings into the garden and the wider landscape in particular by relating the scale of the buildings to the high old trees towering above. Plantings will be used to visibly separate the different functional areas, to create privacy where needed without blocking vistas beyond.

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