Project Description

Drawing 2a!-1500-cut Drawing 1 (Front garden Wandsworth)-1500-cut SONY DSC geum Helleborus-orientalis-1 aconitum_hemsleyanum_01

urban garden | london, uk | nicole fischer

With a new house extension, terrace and garden office in place, the back garden had to be redesigned.The client wanted to use the garden as an entertainment area for up to thirty people, have a lawn for the children and low-maintenace naturalistic planting. The redesign was to include the front garden that is only used to enter and exit the house.

The design continues the minimalist style of the house extension and garden office into the garden with bespoke concrete raised planting beds and an in-built bench painted white. The rims of the beds are wide enough to be used as informal seating by guests. The central planting bed veils the garden office and provides an interesting view from the house. The terrace’s black limestone paving is extended through the back and front gardens but is laid in different patterns to distinguish between the two areas. Shade-tolerant plants such as Hydrangea arborescens, Helleborus orientalis, Digitalis grandiflora and Aconitum hemsleyanum are combined with clipped Buxus sempervirens for structure.